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Mutant Creatures - MCPE Mod!


Mutant Creatures ModWith this mod your game will get four new hostile mobs (see the list below). Each mob originates from a default mob in MCPE but is mutated in some way which makes it different. For example, the zombie is given a more muscular body. The creeper is given longer legs and the ability to spawn small (and cute?) creeper minions.Mo Animals ModThe Mo Animals Mod is a Pocket Edition version inspired of the originally popular PC version. It adds a total of nine mobs to the game and the animals include both friendly ones like birds and hostile ones like lions. Once you have spawned in a world the mobs will gradually appear around you.
The Amazing Magic ModThe Amazing Magic Mod is a very well put together magic mod with tons of features to explore. Build altars and summon bosses or use a magical crafting table to craft new weapons, wands and tools. There are lots of more things to experience, so give it a try!
This Mutant Creatures MODS For MCPE can only be applied with BlockLauncher application and you need install the full version of MCPE and BlockLauncher in your smartphone or tablet.